maybe I'm just little girl... little girl with great big plans
Benedict Cumberbatch describes his role as Peter Guillam as the ultimate acting exercise: "I've always wanted to play a spy - you are NEVER what you seem."

To prepare for his role as Peter Guillam, Benedict Cumberbatch went to the Moroccan town of Essaouira, where Guillam had been stationed in the story: "It's got a slightly nightmare quality; I was wandering around the streets at night, thinking what it must be like to know that every turn could be my last."

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- You were worried about me. - Worried? No, no, I was worried about my car. - I'm touched.- Yeah, you're touched. You're touched in the head. You are touched by something that I cannot explain. (c)
и надо сказать, что его старания оправдались))


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